The LSC membership group is composed of people with a variety of backgrounds including students, engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, professional pilots, retirees, and others who all share a common interest in soaring.  Members reside in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.  In addition to supportive teamwork, members contribute individual expertise which significantly adds to the group as a whole.

Flying experience ranges from a few hours to thousands, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise from which to draw.

Reasons to Fly Gliders
  • You can begin flying gliders at 14
  • Least expensive per-hour flight cost
  • Quiet, solar power
  • No medical required
  • Associate with a great group
LSC Membership
The following outlines the costs for joining and participating as a LSC club member.  If soaring flight is an activity in which you have an interest, or if it is an item on your bucket list, something that you always planned to do someday, this is the way to get started.

For additional information, contact a club member, visit the LSC Facebook Page, or visit with us on a flying weekend and experience soaring flight first hand.  Bring your significant other along as well.  Even if they are not into flying, they will enjoy exploring Bardstown while you are doing your thing.

Initiation Fee
(Payable as $200.00 and $25.00 for 12 months)
Monthly Dues $30.00/month

Quarterly Assessment $30.00/calendar quarter

Note - The quarterly assessment is credited against any flight fees or dual instruction accrued during that quarter.
SSA Membership For insurance purposes, all flying club members must be members of the Soaring Society of America.

Presently, SSA dues are $72/year, which includes SSA membership, the monthly Soaring magazine, and SSA donation requests.

Note that SSA dues are free for those 17 and under.
Membership Application PDF Membership Application FormClick for PDF LSC membership application form.
LSC Information Flyer LSC Flyer PDFClick to download the LSC information flyer.
Contact Club President - Mike Carlson