LSC fees for flying club aircraft are a combination of tow charge + aircraft rental + instructor (if applicable). For privately owned aircraft, fees are for tow only.

Insurance restrictions - Aircraft rental and tow services provided only to LSC members. 

Tow Charges

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altitude charge
1000 ft $21
2000 ft $31
3000 ft $41
Rope Break* $13

* Simulated rope break practice with an instructor is encouraged, and will be charged at a flat $13.00 for equipment rental and tow.  Actual rope break - no charge.

Aircraft Rental
aircraft charge
SGS 1-26 $14/hour
SGS 2-33 $16/hour
PW-5 $20/hour
G103 $26/hour
  * 1 hour minimum
Aero Retrieve $75.00/aircraft hour for air tow greater than 10 miles
Landing Out $41.00/incident - aerotow within 10 miles of KSER
Trailer retrieve - club fee waived
Dual Instruction $15 per hour
Orientation Rides $100 donation - 3000ft tow conditions permitting.  Note that the LSC does not charge for sailplane rides. This amount is the suggested donation to the club to help cover associated flight costs.